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MusicEveryday's teaching philosophy is to bring awareness to every student’s unique learning style. Our process is to give each student a personalized learning experience using creative, individualized teaching methods and strategies.


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Cindy W.

Cindy W.

"Val was ready to listen as well as instruct. Her positive and encouraging guidance went a long way in describing tools and techniques for any beginner. She took time to hear about her student's interest and area of understanding to create an individualized experience. Impressive!" ​

Suzanne S.

Suzanne S.

"Val started working with my son when he turned 7. She kept him from squirming by keeping him interested in learning. She encouraged his love of the piano by expecting more from him. She focused on the basics, from how to sit at the piano to reading the notes. My daughter joined in on lessons a year later, then my youngest son joined in a year after that. All 3 of them learned the importance of practice and the joy of making music. After Val moved, we have started with another wonderful teacher that has credited Val many times for the musical insight my 3 children possess. Thank you for introducing my kids to the love of playing the piano!"

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