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Mary Pryer
Lead Guitar Instructor

Mary Pryer is an experienced musician who has been playing guitar for almost ten years and has been teaching at MusicEveryday! since 2016.  She received her Bachelors of Music from Grace Bible College where she received private lessons in guitar and vocals.  While in college she worked for Grace Bible College as the Music Theory Assistant. Mary is presently singing and playing for the duo Pryer Times and also writes original material for them. She plays a variety of styles including folk, contemporary Christian, bluegrass, country, and more.  Mary is passionate about helping her students at MusicEveryday! reach their goals in music by working with each student’s learning style.

Justin Merriman
Guitar Instructor

Justin Merriman has been teaching guitar, ukulele & banjo at MusicEveryday! since 2015.  He will be a graduate of Hope College as of May 5, 2019, where he has was awarded both a viola and banjo performance scholarship and minored in music. Justin is an experienced and versatile musician who has been playing since he was in the 4th grade, and has been a member of Gotak, a fiddle/Celtic performance group from Grand Haven, as well as a member of the Mona Shores Fiddlers. He has been playing gigs and performing for audiences since he was in 6th grade, where he first played in the Holland Street Performer Series. He also was the principle violist for Grand Haven High School’s top orchestra, and has been a member of several different string quartets. With those quartets he has been very successful and has earned straight 1’s at both district and state festival for every year of his middle/high school career. At Hope, Justin was a member of several bluegrass bands and was able to further pursue his musical interests, specifically with banjo and guitar. He is a private accounting and business double major who loves to share his passion for music with his students in his free time.

Max Lerman
Guitar Instructor

Max Lerman is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where he earned a B.A. Equivalency Degree in Music Therapy as well as in Jazz Studies, with an emphasis on Guitar Performance.  Max Lerman has over 20 years experience in playing the guitar, and is also proficient at the banjo, piano, and ukulele.  Max is originally from Wilmette, Illinois. As a music therapist, Max has had experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, older adults w/ dementia, and people who are going through the hardships of a terminal illness. Max has been a member of the professional groups Justice Prevails and Groove Witness for over 8 years as their lead guitarist, songwriter, and composer on various repertoire with styles ranging from funk to jazz fusion and R&B. When Max is not doing music, he enjoys playing guitar, tennis, running, cooking healthy nutritious meals, and spending time with his wife.

Phil LaSpina
Guitar Instructor

Philip LaSpina has spent several years touring the United States with many established bands and his 30+ years of experience includes teaching music, recording albums and performing in live shows. 

Born in Chicago, Illinois then moving to Michigan as a young teen, Philip started his musical journey at the age of six in Chicago taking classical guitar and voice instruction.  His passion for music grew quickly as Philip started writing his own music at an early age. Philip went on to start his first band his freshman year of high school.  At this point Philip knew he wanted to make music his career. As a young singer-song writer Philip also learned drums, bass and some piano to help him create the music he heard in his head.  His passion for guitar and singing gained him attention from local established acts. Philip spent his high school years recording, performing and writing songs for himself and others.  Upon graduation, Philip’s love for music took him to the big stage. On his time off, he spent most of it giving lessons to aspiring students of all ages including adults.  Philip's continuing mission is to inspire others through his love and passion for music and paying it forward.

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