MusicEveryday's teaching philosophy is to bring awareness to every student’s unique learning style. Our process is to give each student a personalized learning experience using creative, individualized teaching methods and strategies.





Developing proper technique is the foundation of musicianship. It requires time and a strong commitment to following a step-by-step method that will product a rich and pleasing musical tone. As such, our lessons included personalized observations and strategies improvement.

Our goal is progress through individualized lesson plans developed for each student's learning styles, goals, and personality in mind. Progress and practice go hand-in-hand. We provide the tools and incentives to encourage our students to maintain a strong commitment to practice so they can make music a part of their everyday routine.



Val Letenyei founded MusicEveryday in 2008 while living in North Liberty, Iowa.  As a teacher of Piano and Kindermusik for the last decade, Val began offering private piano lessons, and collaborating with Music4Life in North Liberty.  Her company MusicEveryday allows her to educate students in a variety of musical techniques ranging from classical, jazz, pop, and even allows students to explore their own musical creations.  She specializes in prepping her students for recitals and participation for the Music Development Program.

As a teacher of piano and Kindermusik® since 2002, Val Letenyei began offering piano lessons in her home while raising and homeschooling her two girls while living in St. Louis Missouri.  After moving to Iowa in 2008, she continued to teach from home and at Music4Life in North Liberty, Iowa. After moving back to her home state of Michigan in 2014 and having her two girls off to college, Val knew it was time to launch her long-time dream of owning and operating her own music studio. MusicEveryday! opened in May of 2015 and quickly grew from a 3-teacher studio offering mainly piano and guitar lessons to a 9-teacher studio offering lessons in a variety of instruments and styles. Every teacher and every student make MusicEveryday! an amazing place to come learn, play and grow!



Val's early musical training began at the age of 11 with private teachers who required her to practice daily and gave her a strong musical foundation. Throughout High School and College, Val continued to study music and realized as a young wife and mother that her calling was to teach music to others.  Under the careful instruction of Nancy Schaaf and Karen Nichols at Dayspring School of the Arts in St. Louis, Missouri, Val learned the value of training students in technique, theory, and music history. In 2004, she became a Licensed Kindermusik Educator and recently completed her training with the Royal Conservatory of Music as an Elementary Pedagogy Specialist, certified to teach Preparatory through Level 4 piano repertoire. The journey has been long and full of challenges but Val's passion for teaching and love for her students has been her main motivation to never give up!